Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crystal Palace burlesque - photos!

Here are a few photos from the Crystal Palace burlesque event last weekend. Although I was backstage most of the time I did manage to sneak out long enough to see about half of the acts. Everyone really did a terrific job, and the casting was phenomenal. I wish I could have seen the whole show! Bravo ladies! And thanks to The Church and La Divina burlesque for including me in this show. Sharing the stage with the legendary Catherine D'Lish was a dream come true! I could post the crappy iPhone pics I got from backstage, but these pics from Ben Britt are so much better.

PS - if you missed the debut of my newest number, you can catch it this coming Saturday 2/6 at the Dallas Burlesque Festival. I hope to see you there!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Crystal Palace burlesque starring Catherine D'Lish

I will be debuting my newest collaboration with Lolliebombs choreographer Eric Hall this Saturday at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas!

The Crystal Palace featuring Catherine D'Lish

Crystal Palace burlesque show January 23, 2010 at the Lakewood Theater.

The show features the incomparable talent of internationally famous burlesque star Catherine D'Lish. A two time Ms. Exotic World / Burlesque Hall Of Fame Champion.

Ms. D'Lish, currently on an extended tour in Europe, will do her first performance back in the US in Dallas, Texas at the Lakewood Theater for La Divina Productions.

In honor of bringing such famed talent, La DIvina Productions along with the Lizard Lounge are bringing out only the finest Texas Burlesque performers to share the stage with Ms. D'Lish. These stars include La Divina, Jolee Blon, Athena Fatale, Ginger Valentine, The Jigglewatts, Angie B. Lovely, Rose Darling, Courtney Crave, Melissa Meow, Bunny Bailey, and others.

The Lakewood Theater will be decked out in its finest for such a spectacular show.

There will be vendors to sell you burlesque oriented items, including Renea LeRoux and the House Of LeRoux will be selling the finest burlesque costumes... save your money and bring lots of extra cash for the bling!

Tickets are on sale now, buy them at (214)821-7469 or at the Lakewood Theater box office.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Why I'll never shop The Latex Store again

A few days ago I posted a link to an article about Rush Limbaugh being hospitalized with chest pains. My commentary on the matter was "Damn! So close! Would have made a great start to the new year." And it would have! Haha! The next day I received a message from The Latex Store, a company that I have supported for several years but never bothered to actually introduce myself to because I've never had any desire to work with them. The following is the correspondence, and as a result of their harassment and trollish behavior, I can say without a doubt that I will never shop The Latex Store, also known as Midnight Blue's Toys, again. I'll keep sending my money and support to those who deserve it, like Syren latex, Stockroom, Black Lickorish, Vex, or House Of Bias.

Blue Skye December 31, 2009 at 2:21pm
Considering that some of your clients are conservative, (many more that you suspect) and the fact that you would howl at the moon if someone said this about your president, it was a terribly foolish thing to say. You may have political feelings, which you have every right to, but is it necessary to cut your nose off and look the fool at the same time? "I wish he would die" Nice, real nice, makes me want to follow your system of beliefs. Jerk

Athena Fatale December 31, 2009 at 4:56pm
I think you are taking my post way too seriously. Lighten up.

Blue Skye December 31, 2009 at 6:26pm
I do take seriously the idea that because of disagreements in political ideology one person would wish for and -be happy- at someones' untimely death, very serious and frankly disturbing. The fact beyond that is, you and I are in business, what we post here is seen by potential clients, and many of those potentials do not agree with our own personal political ideology. I do hire models, and frankly, because of your post I would never consider hiring you. I'm sure that doesn't matter one wit to you as we have never met nor have I shown an interest in hiring you, but if I'm offended by what you said, how many others might there be who are also.

Athena Fatale December 31, 2009 at
I'm sure you post plenty of things that offend me, that's not my concern as I don't know you and I have enough manners to not go around inflicting my personal beliefs and standards on strangers and calling them names. I never wished for his death even though I do believe this world will be a better place without his lies and poison, I made a joke that has offended 1 person - you. I have a right to say whatever I wish on my profile, as do you. What I say is my concern, not yours. I don't use Facebook to gain clients, I use it to keep up with my friends and let them keep up with me. I have professional avenues that I employ for business. Surely you have better things to do with your time than pick fights with a stranger over a hatemonger like Rush Limbaugh?

Kindly mind your own business now.

Blue Skye December 31, 2009 at 10:39pm Report
I'm a business person, I purposely do not post things that will offend people. As far as anyone being a hater is concerned I believe you proved what haters liberals like you really are. Pot Kettle Black baby. You didn't have to respond to me, you could have ignored me, but ya just couldn't, could ya.

Athena Fatale January 1 at 3:42pm
Really? So you think its good business to send messages to customers who have been buying your products since you were Midnight Blues and call them jerks and start a fight over a comment they posted on their personal profile? Well good luck with that marketing strategy you obvious business genius! Cause here is one long time customer who will never spend another penny on your goods. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back now.