Saturday, October 25, 2008

Genitorturers at the Viper Room 10/26

I will be performing with the Genitorturers at the Viper Room in Hollywood on October 26th!!

Tickets on sale now!

http://www. viperroom. musictoday. com/ViperRoom/calendar. aspx

Hosted By: Metal Sanaz Sundays!
When: Sunday Oct 26, 2008
at 9:00 PM
8852 W Sunset
West Hollywood, California 90069
United States
Metal Sanaz Sundays!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

kinky California megablog pt 2

My San Francisco trip began with a photo shoot at Uber-Ego Studios with Jody Cortes and Jinx1313. We got to pick out some really hot latex pieces from Madame S, so I was very happy! Our first shoot was on a massive black bondage bed with latex sheets. We slid around on the sheets as I pulled her long black ponytail and squeezed her lovely throat with my bare hands. Mmmmm…choking…..

I loved this top so much I wanted to buy it, but they let me have it! I forgot to buy the matching Capri pants while I was there, so I guess I’ll just have to get them online later.

I also shot a quick solo set in this super cute latex dress and steep red stiletto pumps that had all the boys clamoring for a better vantage point. Even the gay ones! lol

We made sure to save the best for last, and for this one I enlisted the help of Miss Nikki Nefarious. We were shooting in a bathroom the size of most people's bedrooms, complete with multiple shower heads and a suspension point in the extra tall ceiling. Nikki is a bad ass with ropes and shibari, so I was happy to let her do the heavy lifting for me! Jinx hung like a pro, until I got water in her eye. Oopsie!

The next day was Folsom Street Fair and I was really excited!! I love festivals and street fairs, so a block party packed with perverts and pan-sexuals was right up my alley! Mostly I was hoping to see some hot man-sex in the streets, I’m a total voyeur and love to watch, especially in public. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed, with beautiful boys blowing each other at every booth and dirty old wankers shamelessly pulling their pathetic little puds on every corner.

And of course the crowd was dressed to kill, from leathermen and women to drag queen divas and a latex chocolate bunny. Quite a few opted for their birthday suits. had several of their models on hand for live bondage demos which was pretty cool. Even Sarah Palin came out to join in the Folsom family fun!

After the fair ended it was time to lace up my new red military corset by Stormy Leather and head over to DNA Lounge for vodka & Red Bulls at the Cat O’ Nine party. Domme Dietrich and her hubby brought their regular NYC party to San Francisco for the night, and I was a guest host along with the sumptuous Justine Joli, Kumi Monster, and Fetish Diva Midori. Several of my friends had shown up and as tired as I was, I ended up staying until closing. Needless to say, by the time I peeled out of my latex pants and crawled into bed, I was exhausted. After a day of rest and recovery, I was treated to a tour of the Armory. It was pretty rad. The building is massive and old and originally built as an impenetrable Army fort, complete with stables for the horses, a river running underneath the basement, and a stadium for marching demonstrations and excercises. How cool is that? If those soldiers only knew what goes on in their barracks now… :p

After the tour we went for sushi before hitting the road back to LA. I was helping drive the Stockroom truck back, and it was a long and kidney-shaking trek. We had to pull over to sleep for a bit, so we didn’t get back to the store until about 3pm. Good thing my shot wasn’t till 5! Even better that Angela Ryan usually runs even later than me! Heh.

Angela finally arrived at the Stockroom with Christine Kessler around 6, and Christine got to work picking out places to shoot while Angela and I got busy picking out some sexy Syren latex and Stormy Leather corsets to wear. We each shot a few solo sets before lacing into our corsets.

Then I laced her into a gorgeous red leather armbinder for a bit, then switched to a black leather Bolero straitjacket and put her in a bondage swing. What else are friends for if not to tie up and molest? :D

It was 2 am when we finally wrapped, or unwrapped for the night. I hadn’t eaten anything substantial in several hours, so some fine late night cuisine at Pacific Dining Car seemed like a good idea. A few hours later the alarm would point out the error of my logic. I was so tired I couldn’t even try to get up and pack my bags and head to the airport. So I changed my flight to Saturday! I have so many photos to go through from this trip, I’m going to be editing for ages!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

kinky California megablog pt 1

I'm not quite sure where to begin. The last two weeks have been so busy and crazy and completely exhausting! In fact, it was so exhausting that I couldn't even try to get up and pack my things and go to the airport this morning. So I changed my flight to Saturday. ;)

My trip started with an amazing shoot for Gwen Media, you can read about that in my previous blog. Here is one of my favorite photos from that day, from our first shoot of the day -

I managed to squeeze in a last minute shoot with the lovely Alejandra Guerrera but then had to reschedule it for the next night so that I could see someone who was in desperate need of discipline. I'm really glad that I was able to rearrange things, because it ended up being a really good session. I indulged his fetish for latex catsuits and then gave him a good flogging before using him to brush up on my rope bondage skills.

The next day began with a foot & boot fetish shoot in which I got to shove my pretty little feet and pointy leather boots into the eager mouth of a cute tattooed boy. I also got to ride him around like a pony! :) Then it was a mad dash to the Stockroom for my rescheduled shoot with Alejandra. I wore a high waisted plum latex skirt and not a lot else, much to the delight of the customers watching from below.

I had forgotten that I was supposed to go out that night, so as soon as we were done shooting it was off to Club Hell for cocktails and kink. The club was packed but luckily Gwen Media had a private booth so I was able to sit comfortably and rest my aching feet with Dominatrix extraordinairre Isabella Sinclaire. I also had the perfect spot to watch the action on the whipping floor. The cutest little Lolita-esque blonde was being put to the test by her Master, but was having some difficulty despite her best efforts. I wanted to stay and play for a while, but I was unbelievably tired and had to leave for San Francisco the next afternoon. But that adventure will just have to wait until tomorrow, because right now I need sleep. :)